Hellooooo Basementeers all over....

On this episode of the Spotlight show we have one of the biggest pop bands of the 1980's.....It's Boy George and the Culture Club.

Yes they were prominent on the radio for about 6 years in the 1980's and you can still hear some of their hits on classic oldies radio still. Today we will play some of the album trax that you may not have heard yet. OK will throw a hit or two in for good measure we guess.

OK If you miss the 1980's, Here's The Culture Club.

Intro: Sexuality

  1. Mister Man
  2. I Pray
  3. Love Twist
  4. The Dive
  5. Time
  6. Church Of The Poison Mind
  7. Move Away
  8. Take Control
  9. Hello Goodby
  10. Storm Keeper
  11. Too Bad
  12. White Boys Can't Control It
  13. Unfortunate Thing
  14. God Thank You Woman
  15. Change Everyday Outro: Sexuality