Hellooo Basementeers all over...

This episode of SFTB...we have a very under-rated english band from the late 1968's called : The Herd. You might not know them too well, but one of there members went on to reach rock super status in the 1970's....his name was....Peter Frampton......

Frampton who was voted the face of 1968, then joined the group Humble Pie in later 1968, became a solo artist in 1971 and well the rest is history. The Herd only made enough for 2 albums, but we will play trax from the 2 yaers they were around. We think you will like stuff here.

Intro: Impressions Of Oliver

  1. From The Underworld
  2. Our Fairy Tail
  3. Beauty Queen
  4. Understand Me
  5. I Can Fly
  6. On My Way Home
  7. I Don't Want Our Love To Die
  8. Sweet William
  9. Follow The Leader
  10. Miss Jones
  11. Half Of Me
  12. Mixed Up Minds
  13. Bang
  14. Sugarloaf Mountain
  15. You Got Me Hanging From Your Loving Tree
  16. Laugh, Dance and Sing
  17. Diary Of A Narcissist
  18. The Game
  19. Paradise Lost Outro: Impressions Of Oliver

Time Approx: 60 Minutes