This Is A Basement Replay...

By Popular demand, a request for the music of Thin Lizzy was requested, so yes we have a great show on there music.

The Rock kings of Ireland, and here to play some classic songs on SFTB.
If you have not heard them yet, yes you will now.

The band was around from 1969 to 1983, even Huey Lewis played with them for a short time. Other fun facts are mentioned in the show.

For us, this is a classic show from the archives of SFTB.

Intro: Angel Of Death

  1. Bad Reputation
  2. Johnny
  3. Hollywood
  4. The Rocker
  5. Rosalie
  6. Little Darling
  7. Wild One
  8. We Will Be Strong
  9. Honesty Is No Excuse
  10. Vagabond
  11. Toughest Street In Town
  12. Cowboy Song
  13. Sha-La, Sha-La, Sha-La
  14. Bad Habits
  15. Ballad Of A Hard Man
  16. Angel From The West Coast
  17. Chinatown
  18. Don't Believe A Word
  19. Killer Without A Cause
  20. The Pressure's Gonna Blow
  21. Cold Sweat
  22. Waiting For An Alabi
  23. Whiskey In A Jar
  24. Brought Down
  25. She Knows
  26. Hey You Outro: The Rocker