This is a Basement Replay...

Hello...Omaha, NE & Donets'K, Ukraine and Basementeers all Over....

OK we were out of the Basement for the last few days, so we are still producing new things for the next few weeks but we thought we would bring out a golden moldie to play that was done in 2015, so here it is one more time.

Today on the BIG show we will play songs from: The High Spirits / Bob Seger / KISS / Dr. Feelgood / Paul McCartney and The Monkees as the Beaver... we will have some new and neato things in the next few weeks to post even we can't wait to get these out to all of you.....

Intro: Second Class-The Move

  1. I Wanna Be Your Man-The Rolling Stones
  2. Stop & Listen-Patti Drew
  3. Ballroom Dancing-Paul McCartney
  4. Look A There Ain't She Pretty-Frankie Avalon
  5. Today-Tom Scott
  6. Stone Cold Fever-Humble Pie
  7. A Ray Of Hope-The Rascals
  8. Building With A Steeple-The 8th Day
  9. Little White Lies-Brian Cadd
  10. Keeka Smeeka-Dr. Feelgood
  11. You Bee Needing Me-Nino Tempo & April Stevens
  12. I Stole Your Love-KISS
  13. By, By, By-The Guess Who
  14. Dancing After School-The Rockin' Hollywoods
  15. Tossing & Turning-The High Spirits
  16. 9 Tonight-Bob Seger
  17. Strawberry Wine-The Band
  18. Can't Stand To Lose You-Gary Walker & The Rain
  19. Strawberry Letter # 23-Shoogie Otis
  20. Tomorrow's Calling-Marianne Faithful
  21. Urge For Going-Joni Mitchell
  22. Walking Down The Road-The Other Side
  23. Rocka-Rolla-Judas Priest
  24. Strange Dreams-Frank Marino
  25. Getting To Know You Better-Trevor Rabin
  26. Don't Go, Don't Cry-Steve Harley
  27. Can You Dig It-The Monkees
  28. Explosive Population-Mickey Murray
  29. Easy Now-Eric Clapton
  30. Dizzy Miss Lizzy-The Beatles (Live)
  31. Too Much Too Soon-The Bishops Outro: Kohoutek-Gershon Kingsley

Time Approx: 2 Hours