Sooo What Kind Of Basement Are You ???....
You don't need to answer that.....
Well here we are celebrating JULY 4th...Yes were pretty patriotic here and why not.
Inspite of all the unrest in the world going on right now, we want to calm some of you down with music, not violence. If you break a can't play it so ...we don't....We don't shout DOWN WITH VINYL....that would be soooo we have a patriotic show we have had for a while in this special day in our country's history.
So here is the song let's turn this on and light off some sparklers....wherever you

Intro: Anchors Awaigh-Henry Mancini

  1. God You Must Have Blessed America-Glen Campbell
  2. Spirit Of America-Ed Munter
  3. What's More american-Bing Crosby
  4. Song For America-Kansas
  5. Americas-The French Revolution
  6. What Now America-Lee Michaels
  7. Sandy-The Hollies
  8. American Folk trilogy The St. Louis Park Jr. High Band & choir
  9. Amusement Parks USA-The Beach Boys
  10. America Again-W. Willow
  11. Saturday In The Park-Chicago
  12. Feel The Spirit-Leroy Hutson
  13. Bicentennial-The Ohio Players
  14. Bicentennial-Loudon Wainright
  15. What Kind Of American Are You-Tiny Tim
  16. America My Home-James Brown
  17. What Did Washington Say-Lou Monte
  18. America-Simon & Garfunkel
  19. Somethings Just Got To Change-Ray Charles
  20. Ragged Old Flag-Johnny Cash
  21. Give Me Liberty or Give My Death- The Salem Travelers
  22. America communicate With Me-Ray Stevens
  23. Freedom Lives In A Country Song-R.W. Blackwood
  24. A Day That Changed The World-Jimmy Dean
  25. MIA/POW-Pat Boone
  26. Hey America-James Brown
  27. Battle Hymm of L.T. Calley-Terry Nelson
  28. Spirit Of America-The Beach Boys
  29. When Johnny Comes Marching Home-Lee michaels
  30. God Bless America-Kate Smith Outro: Hey America-James Brown