He Basementeers all over....

On this episode of the Spotlight show, we've kind have gone 80's. We have a New Wave band called: The Romantics. We felt it was time to play trax from there lp's and maybe breath new life into there music.

You might6 know 2 songs from them, well after the show, you will know a lot of there music. So let's go and all Romantic with The Romantics.

Intro: Talking In Your Sleep

  1. Let's Get Started
  2. A Night Like This
  3. Running Away
  4. She's Got Everything
  5. Do Me Anyway You Want
  6. No One Like You
  7. Test Of Time
  8. I Can't Tell You Everything
  9. Rock You Up
  10. Let's Swing
  11. Till I See You Again
  12. In The Nightime
  13. I Got It If You Want It
  14. One In A Million
  15. Friday At The Hideout
  16. That's What I Like About You
  17. Why You Leave Me
  18. Give Me One More Chance
  19. Poor Little Rich Girl
  20. Make It Last
  21. Talking In Your Sleep
  22. Better Make A Move
  23. Don't You Put Me On Hold Outro: A Night Like This