Hi Basementeers...

Well here we go again with another 80's show (Music from the 1980's). We have some good trax for you on this show as always...

Songs from: Rolling Stones / Rachel Sweet / REO Speedwagon / Cheap Trick / Robert Plant and The Fixx

For the people who have nostalgia for this decade muscly ?? here you go.

Intro: There's No Bizz Like Show Bizz-Stanley Black

  1. Close To You-9 Ways To Win
  2. Swept Away-Diana Ross
  3. Made To Order-Sussman Lawrence
  4. Too Late-Asia
  5. Let Me Go Home-The Alan Parsons Project
  6. Pink & Black-Robert Plant
  7. Lil' Cal's Big Mistake-The Knack
  8. I Don't Wanna Do It-George Harrison
  9. This Is Not A Test-Tommy Shaw
  10. Do Me Anyway You Want-The Romantics
  11. Live Every Moment-REO Speedwagon
  12. Reach Out-Cheap Trick
  13. Warning Shot-Dennis DeYoung
  14. Fortune Hunter-The Firm
  15. Innocent Eyes-Graham Nash
  16. Everyday-Julian Lennon
  17. When The News Is On-The Del Fuegos
  18. I Pray-Culture Club
  19. Band Of The Hand-Tom Petty & Bob Dylan
  20. Only One-James Taylor
  21. One Hit To The Body-Rolling Stones
  22. Secret Lives-Electric Light Orchestra
  23. Running Out Of Love-The Moody Blues
  24. A To Z-Joe Cocker
  25. Voo Doo-Rachel Sweet
  26. Blues Is King-Marshal Crenshaw
  27. Pre-Historic Jaws-The Subbarbs
  28. Beat Of The Night-Greg Khin Band
  29. Is This It-Katrina & The Waves
  30. Secret Separation-The Fixx
  31. Living At Night-Walk The West
  32. Absolute Beginners-David Bowie