Helloooo, San Jose, California / Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and Basementeers everywhere........

Today we have a new concept and something we have never done before for SFTB. I tell ya it was a hard concept to put together but well worth the effort. For anyone who sat in front the television at any givin' time of your life in the last 60 years, you will know at least one of the TV themes you'll hear on this show. The list is too massive to mention in one sentence, but you will hear themes like: Fish / The High Chaparral / The Odd Couple / Soap / Doogie Howser M.D. / Star Trek / Cannon and Get Smart as the Beaver.

So this is going to be an interesting show, so turn on the internet and tune in but don't drop out.

Intro:Peter Gunn Theme-Video All Stars
Set 1:
1.The Muppet Show
2.Bug Bunny Theme
3.Family Affair
4.Casper The Friendly Ghost
5.Casper The Friendly Ghost-Jess Harnell
Set 2:
1.Nanny & The Professor-The Addrissi Brothers
3.Doogie Howser M.D.
5.Thicke Of The Night-Alan Thicke
Set 3:
1.Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman
2.Dasterdly & Mutley (Stop That Pigeon)

4.You Bet Your Life
5.Looking For The Beagles-The Beagles
Set 4:
1.Bourbon Street Beat
2.The Hair Bare Bunch
3.The Odd Couple
4.Star Trek
5.Chico & The Man-Jose Faliciano
Set 5:
1.The Brothers Grunt
2.Beverly Hills 90210-(Season 2 Theme)
4.T.J. Hooker
5.Baby I'm Back
Set 6:
1.Hardcastle & McCormic
2.Sting Wray
3.Gentles Ben
4.Get Smart
5.The High Chaparral
Set 7:
1.Make Room For Daddy
2.Perry Mason
3.Colt 45
4.Gumby & Pokey
5.The Ugliest Girl In Town-The Willo Bees
Set 8:
1.Tennessee Tuxedo
2.Mr. Broadway
3.Karen-The Beach Boys
4.The Electric Company
5.Kids Are People Too-Bob McKalester
Set 9:
1.H.R. Puffenstuff-Jack Wild
2.All In The Family
3.Corchips Of Eddie's Father
4.The Adam's Family
5.The Adam's Family-Joey Gaynor
Set 10:
1.That Girl
2.Howdy Doody
3.Mary Tyler Moore
5.Flintstones-Bruce Springstone
Set 11:
1.Fireball XL-5
2.The Waltons
3.The Saint
4.The Monkees Theme-The Monkees
5.Peter Gunn-The Video All Stars
Set 12:
1.Partridge Family
3.The Green Hornet
4.Super Snooper
5.Dobie Gillis-The Jud Cawlons Rhythmairs
Set 13:
1.Gomer Pyle USMC
2.Love American Style
3.Leave It To Beaver
4.Road Runner Theme
5.The Bugaloos Theme-The Bugaloos
Set 14:
2.Sanford & Son
3.Johnny Quest
4.Saturday Night Live
5.Mission Impossible-Lalo Shafin
Set 15:
1.I Spy
2.L.A. Law
3.NBC Mystery Show
4.Love Boat
5.Dr. Who
Outro:On The Bed-George Harrison

Time Approx 2 hours give or take a few minutes.