Lisa Day moved to Darwin from Melbourne in the 70s to be a teacher, seeking a fresh start after a lifetime of carrying an extraordinary family secret that was starting to seep through the cracks, out the front door and into the garden: what you see in public isn’t always what you get in private... 

Storyteller - Lisa Day
Story Producer - Jess Ong
SPUN Stories is a live storytelling night based in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. We're all about shining a light on the extraordinary personal stories of everyday Territorians - let us take you to some wild and wondrous places through our podcast! You can find out more about SPUN by visiting our website.
Host + Producer - Jess Ong
Sound Production - Gaia Osborne
Executive Producer - Johanna Bell
Music - Sam Carmody
Our podcast is presented by StoryProjects, with funding support from Darwin International Airport.

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