Welcome to a very special bonus episode of SpyCast, coming to you directly from the stage of the International Spy Museum. Last month, we hosted a live panel discussion in collaboration with our friends at Goat Rodeo who produced the new podcast, Spy Valley: An Engineer’s Nuclear Betrayal, a series by Project Brazen and PRX. 

The riveting series tells the true story of James Harper, a Silicon Valley engineer turned spy who sold nuclear secrets to the Soviet Bloc. The series takes listeners on a journey of nuclear spying, technology theft, and double agents, with intelligence that might still help Moscow in a nuclear exchange today. Tune in to all six episodes of Spy Valley NOW to learn more! 

This live panel features moderator Sharon Weinberger, the national security and foreign policy editor at The Wall Street Journal, featuring Zach Dorfman, investigative journalist and host of Spy Valley; John Gibbons, who headed the United States Attorney's prosecution team in the case against James Harper; Dr. Raymond J. Batvins, Former Supervisory Special Agent and Counterintelligence Course Instructor at the Institute of World Politics; and Dr. Vince Houghton, Director of the National Cryptologic Museum and former historian at SPY. They’ll explore how the tech capital of the world became a hotbed for Soviet Bloc spies and what James Harper’s betrayal of his country has meant for modern day warfare.

Thank you to our friends and collaborators at Goat Rodeo, Project Brazen, and PRX for their support of this program. 

Listen to the series here or wherever you get your podcasts.

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