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Main Fiction: “Ray of Light” by Brad Torgersen

My crew boss Jake was waiting for me at the sealock door.  I’d been eight hours outside, checking for microfractures in the metal hull.  Tedious work, that.  I’d turned my helmet communicator off so as not to be distracted.  The look on Jake’s face spooked me.

“What’s happened?” I asked him, seawater dripping from the hair of my beard.

​”Jenna,” was all I got in reply.  Which was enough.


Brad R. Torgersen is a healthcare computer geek by day, a United States Army Reserve Chief Warrant Officer on the weekend, and a speculative fiction writer by night.  Award-winning and award-nominated, he is a regular in the pages of Analog magazine, and has published numerous pieces of short fiction in other venues such as Mike Resnick’s Support this show

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