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Short Fiction: The Piratical Sabbital, by Ian Whates

You’re good, you know that? Well yes, I do realise that’s what you’re paid to be.

No, really, I wasn’t being a smart-ass… sorry. I just never realised it was going to be this realistic.

Ian Whates lives in a quiet Cambridgeshire village with his partner, Helen, Honey, a manic cocker spaniel, and Calvin, a tailless black cat. He currently has two published novel series: the Noise books (space opera with a twist) via Solaris, and the City of 100 Rows trilogy (urban fantasy with steampunk overtones and SF underpinning) via Angry Robot. Some 60 of his short stories have appeared in various venues, two of which were shortlisted for BSFA Awards, while his work has received honourable mentions in Years Best anthologies. Most recently his fiction featured in Galaxy’s Edge #10...

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