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Enlighten your Thursday with this week's episode, focusing on the community and activist street bands of England, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Austria and Switzerland, featuring music from Join The Din, Hackney Colliery Band, MusikarbeiterInnenkapelle, La Fanfare Invisible, Pink Puffers Brass Band, Titubanda, Ottoni a Scoppio, FiAti SpReCaTI, Les Canards des Cropettes, StreetNoise-Orchestra, Masala Brass Kollektiv, plus mentions of FONC, Le Pompier Poney Club, Buena Banda, HaydeTanz, BrazzBanditen, Big Red Band, The Stroud Red Band, Charanga Ventolín, Fanfare a Manif Engagee, Fanfare van de 1e Liefdesnacht, Bastet Brass Band, Tuba Libre, HaydeTanz, Dicke Luft, GRAZAMBA, the Skappa'nabanda Festival and many more; plus a new song from the mighty Hungry March Band.