itunes pic
Here's what I played:
AC/DC “Let There Be Rock”, Armored Saint “Long Before I Die “,
Backyard Babies “UFO Romeo”, Clutch “The Soapmakers”,
The Cult “Rain (Live at Wembley 1989)”, Dark Angel “We Have Arrived”, Death “Suicide Machine”, Fear “New York's All Right”,
Fear Factory “Self Bias Resistor”, Iron Maiden “Running Free”,
Jimi Hendrix “Izabella “, Kiss “Shout It Out Loud” Alive II
Lit “Wrathchild”, Mastodon “Where Strides The Behemoth“,
Mayhem “Pure Fucking Armageddon”, Motörhead “Leaving Here”,
Nailbomb “Wasting Away”, Nebula “Reeder Song”,
Pantera “Sandblasted Skin”, Pigmy Love Circus “Brutish Lout”,
Roadsaw “I Smell A Rat (Bags - Live)”, Rush “Need Some Love”,
Slo Burn “Son of God”, The Young Gods “Envoyé (Live Zürich 21.12.89)”,Foghat “I Want to Make Love to You”.