Here's what I played:

Karma to Burn   “Thirty”, John Garcia   “Kylie”, Nightstalker   “Space Matter”, 
Spidergawd   “I Am The Night”, Mos Generator   “Easy Evil”, Eyes of Fire   “Empty”, 

Green Yeti   “Black Planets (Pt.2)”, Diabolical Kids   “Love Buzzed”, Black Cobra   “Fathoms Below”,

Dead Heavens   “Away From The Speed”, The Wytches   “Can't Face It”, 
Lizzard Wizzard   “Nerd Smasher”, Ides Of Gemini   “The Dancer”, Greenbeard   “Battleweed”,

Cirith Ungol   “King of the Dead”, The Grand Astoria   “Pocket Guru”, Hark   “Speak In Tongues”,

Celtic Frost   “The Restless Seas”, The Company Corvette   “Burn Out”, FVNERALS    “Antlers”,

Black Mountain   “(Over And Over) The Chain”, Doyle   “Beast Like Me”.

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