Here's what I played:
Jucifer   “Return”, Sexwitch   “Kassidat El Hakka”, Shrine   “Virgin”,    Brethren Hogg   “Egypt”,   

Part Chimp   “Back From The Dead”, Electric Wizard   “Lucifer (We've Gone Too Far)”, 

Sleep   “Marijuanaut's Theme”, Astrodiver   “Black Dose Mistress”,    Deathchant   “Pessimist”,    

Dungeon Weed   “Beholder Gonna Fuck You Up”,  Cathedral   “Midnight Mountain”,   

Maggot Heart   “The Killing Hand”, Shihad   “Little Demons”, Killing Joke   “I Am The Virus”,   

The Quill   “21st Century Sky”, Ike & Tina Turner   “Whole Lotta Love “, Failure   “Submarines”,     

Lucifer   “Bring Me His Head”, Imperial State Electric   “Reptile Brain”,    
The Hellacopters   “Reap A Hurricane”, Gojira   “Grind”, Blitzspeer   “Race To Win”, DYS   “Echoes”.