Here's what I played:
Pink Floyd   “Careful With That Axe, Eugene [Live]”, Jimi Hendrix   “Burning Desire (Live)”,

Liquid Jesus   “Bleeding Hearts”, Pat Travers   “Boom Boom (Out Go The Lights)”,

The Sword   “Sea Of Spears”, Pigmy Love Circus   ‘King Of L.A.”, Tool   “Jerk-Off (Live)”,

Fear   “Hey/Waiting For The Meat”, Peter & The Test Tube Babies   “Moped Lads/Banned From The Pubs”, Nashville Pussy   “Go Motherfucker Go”, Motörhead   “(We Are) The Roadcrew (Live)”,

Blitzspeer   “Road Machine”, Orange Goblin   “Time Travelling Blues”, 
The Cult   “Soul Asylum  (Live at Wembley 1989)”, BABYMETAL   “Kagerou”,

Sepultura   “Slave New World (Live)”, Tribulation   “Strange Gateways Beckon”,

Pantera   “Becoming”, Ministry   “Thieves (Live)”, Pelican   “The Creeper (Live 2009)”,

Soundgarden   “Slaves & Bulldozers (Live)”.