Here's what I played:
Babymetal   “In the Name Of”, X Japan   “Blue Blood”, Strapping Young Lad   “Far Beyond Metal”,Sodom   “Witching Metal”, Saxon   “Stand Up & Be Counted”, Voivod   “Voivod”, Sacred Reich   “Death Squad”, Venom   “Live At City Gardens, NJ.”, The Hives   “Come On! (Live)”,The Sonics   “ The Witch [Live]”, Samhain   “Mother Of Mercy (Live)”, Tad   “Jack Pepsi”,Soundgarden   “Big Bottom”, Tex And The Horseheads   “Clean The Dirt”, Tool   “Demon Cleaner”, Saint Vitus   “War is our Destiny”, Trapeze   “Black Cloud (Live, 1971)”, 
Black Sabbath   “Children of the Sea “, UFO   “Lights Out (Live In Louisville, 18/10/78)”,The Golden Gods   “25 Miles”, The Black Crowes   “You're Wrong (Live - Atlanta, December 1990)”,Jimi Hendrix   “Ezy Ryder (Live at the Fillmore East, NY)",  Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals   “Faded/Whole Lotta Love”, Big Chief   “Gig Conversation”.