An oldie but a goodie 

I want to be thankin' me mateys Sloshin' John & Dog Legged Dobot fer hoisting grog with me today. Here's what we be playin'.

Pigmy Love Circus "Mutiny on the Bounty", Scissorfight "The Gibbeted Captain Kidd",

Sex Pistols "Friggin'in the Riggin", Cathedral  "Ghost Galleon", Riff Lord "Solid State Sea Witch",

Candlemass  "Demon of the Deep", Made out of Babies  "Pirate", Armored Saint "Pirates",

Altamont  "Pirate Love", Down  "New Orleans is a Dying Whore", Zoroaster  "Trident",

Deep Purple  "Sail Away", Swashbuckle  "Scurvy Back", Tankard  "Beermuda",

Boulder  "Kill the Captain", Torche  "Warship", Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children  "Sea Chanty",

Spirit Caravan  "Sea Legs", Scissorfight "The Gruesome Death of Edward Teach", 
Accept  "Fast as a Shark", Jucifer  "Black Powder", Black Cobra  "Red Tide".

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