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Here's what I played: Boris “Memento Mori”, Degradations “Sea of Void”, Carved in Bone “Baring the Hammer of the Witch”, Las Cruces “Cocaine Wizard Woman”, With the Dead “Cocaine Phantoms”, Ancient Altar “Tidal”, Earth Prison “The Corinthian”, Buzzov*en “Paintake”, Bison B.C. “Drunkard”, Death from Above “Nomad”, Greta Van Fleet “Highway Tune”, Rival Sons “Destination on Course”, Devil Electric “Shadowman”, Kylesa “Lost and Confused”, Witch Mountain “Shelter”, Elder “Thousand Hands”, Goya “The Enemy”, Stone Cadaver “We Need Your Fucking Blood”, Ordos “The Infernal God”, Kyuss “Demon Cleaner”, The Wytches “Can't Face It”, The Atomic Bitchwax “Alaskan Thunder Fuck”, Sea Hags “Under The Night Stars”.