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Here's what I played:
Gunship 666 “Hellshima”, Trappist “Frank the Tank”, Fatum “Death Holder”,
Funeral Chic “Off the Rails”, Eyes of the Sun “Sound the Horns”, Mantar “Taurus”,
Conan “Vexxagon”, Yob “Ablaze”, Yawning Man “Revolt Against Tired Noises”,
Cirith Ungol “Witches Game”, Deep River Acolytes “The Unknown Grandeur”,
Mos Generator “Shadowlands”, The Mammuthus “Green Finger”, Crypt Trip “Hard Times”,
Six Sigma “Here's Yer Stoner Anthem”, Death Valley Girls “Disaster (Is What We're After)”,
King Tuff “Black Moon Spell”, Monster Magnet “Ball Of Confusion”, Fu Manchu “Il Mostro Atomico”.