itunes pic
Here's what I played:
The Darkness “Rock and Roll Deserves to Die”, Goat Throne “Long Time Gone”,
Jimi Hendrix “Earth Blues “, Slade “Man Who Speeks Evil”, Circle of Sighs “Desolate”,
Zun “Come Through The Water (Feat. Sera Timms)”, Helms Alee “Be Rad Tomorrow”,
Torche “Infierno”, Big Business “Bright Grey”, Cherubs “Nobodies”, Midnight “Afterbirth”,
Abbath “Harvest Pyre”, Devil Master “Nightmares in the Human Collapse”,
Kaiju Daisenso “Jet Jaguar A Go Go”, King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard “Planet B”,
RAM “The Shadowwork”, Grand Magus “Spear Thrower”, Devil To Pay “Anti-Gravity Depravity”,
Lo-Pan “Ten Days”, Deathchant “Trigger”, Slomatics “Telemachus My Son”, Kal-El “Anubious”.