itunes pic
Here's what I played:

Eye Flys “Predator And Prey”, Melvins “Hooch”, Helmet “Born Annoying “,
Wizard Rifle “Rocket to Hell”, Year of the Cobra “Ash and Dust”, Crystal Fairy “Crystal Fairy”,
The Dead Weather “Open Up”, Lucifer “Fire Up And Ride”, Motörhead “Please Don't Touch”,
Girlschool “Watch Your Step”, Motörhead “Stand By Your Man”, The Plasmatics “Butcher Baby”,
The Young Gods “Longue Route (Alt Mix)”, Treponem Pal “Fugitive Soul”, Circle of Dust “Deviate”,
Fear Factory “New Breed”, Wolfbrigade “The Wolfman”, Arson Anthem “Crippled Life”,
Funeral Chic “Rotten to the Core”, Midnight “Warning from the Reaper”,
Demonic Death Judge “Filthy as Charged”, Blessed Black “Heavy Is the Crown”,
The Golden Gods “Even I Don't Know”, Wolfmother “How Many Times”,
High Priestess “Casting the Circle”, Circle of Sighs “Burden of the Flesh”,
Yidhra “Under The Sun”.