itunes pic
Here's what I played:

Masters Of Reality “How High The Moon/The Blue Garden”, Midnight “Violence on Violence”,
All Them Witches “Funeral For A Great Drunken Bird”, Deftones “If Only Tonight We Could Sleep"
Blitzspeer “City Boy”, Grand Funk Railroad “Black Licorice”, Poison Idea “Spy”,
Alice Donut “Dorothy”, Cheap Trick “Way of the World (Live at the LA Forum)”,
Conan “Hawk as Weapon”, Failure “Heliotropic”, Gojira “Flying Whales”, Fu Manchu “Evil Eye",
Led Zeppelin “LA Drone/Immigrant Song”, Hypocrisy “Buried”, Ministry “The Missing”,
Aura Noir “Swarm Of Vultures”, Dio “The Mob Rules”, MC5 “Come Together”,

Metal Church “Gods Of Wrath”, Liquid Jesus “Yesterday”,
Metallica w/Glenn Danzig “Die Die My Darling/Last Caress/Green Hell”, Sleep “Giza Butler”.