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I took a break this last Memorial Day weekend, so I dug up an oldie from 20 years ago. Here's what we played: Goatsnake “Trower”, Goatsnake “Raw Curtains”, C.O.C. “Consumed”, Forced Entry “Bone Crackin’ Fever”, The Crown “Total Satan”, Witchery “The Executioner”, Winter “Servants Of The Warsmen”, Candlemass “The Well of Souls”, Eyehategod “Shoplift”, Goatsnake “The Orphan”, Spiritual Beggars “Monster Astronauts”, Spirit Caravan “Powertime”, Goatwhore “Invert the Virgin”, Entombed “Bonehouse”, Cavity “Angelrust”, High on Fire “Fireface”, Mondo Generator “13th Floor”, The Want “Supertoker”, Sleep “Dragonaut”, Nebula “Devil’s Liquid”.