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We want to thank our guests Greg Anderson (Goatsnake/Southern Lord), Jenny McGee(T.V.Eye Video Magazine) and Hee Soo Kwan. Here’s what we played for this half:
Warhorse “The Priestess”, Malevolent Creation “Multiple Stab Wounds”,
Brutality “When the Sky Turns Black”, Usurper “Necrocult Pt.1 [The Metal War]”,
Bloodbath “Furnace Funeral”, Mayhem “Freezing Moon”, Summon “The Silence of Chaos”,
Grave “Morbid Ways to Die”, Obituary “Slowly We Rot”, Disincarnate “Stench of Paradise Burning”,
Cryptopsy “Slit Your Guts”, Mortician “Procreation of the Wicked”, Angelcorpse “Wolflust”,
Slayer “Hand of Doom”, Phobia “Self Worth”, Deicide “When Satan Rules His World”,
Immortal “My Dimension”, Morbid Angel “Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost”,
Emperor “Thus Spake the Night Spirit”.