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Dubrovniks- Audio Sonic Love Affair
The Creeps- Out Of My Mind
The Toxenes- Bad Girls Go To Hell
The Flaming Sideburns- Loose My Soul
Paint Fumes- Puddle Of Blood
Screaming Lord Sutch- Cause I Love You
The Pogues- I'll Love You Til The End
The Hounds Of Baskerville- The Girl Is Dead
Delta Revelry- Ain't Coming Back
Belton Richard & The Musical Aces- Cajun Fugitive
Pine Leaf Boys- Pour Toi Et Juste Pour Toi
The Red Stick Ramblers- The Devil With The Devil
Lost Bayou Ramblers- Blues De Bernadette
Indonesian Junk- I'm So Bad
Caballeros- Cinderella
Greg "Stackhouse" Prevovost- Evil On My Mind
The Madcaps- Silver and Gold