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Swingin' Neckbreakers- It's Not Easy
The Higher State- The Worst Of Their Treason
Pine Leaf Boys- All I Need Is You
Mother Holly- Baltimore
The CAZZ- Backseat Shadows
The Cavestompers- Waiting For My Time
Nox Box- Mrs. Jackson
The Revelers- Ayou On Va Danser
The Lyres- What A Girl Can't Do
Messer Chups- Rock It
Lost Bayou Ramblers ( with Scarlett Johanson)- Coteau Guidry
The Ripe- Neverending
The Cynics- I Need More
James Leg- October 3rd
Dirty Streets- Looking For My Peace
Greg "Stackhouse" Prevost- Death Rides With The Morning Sun
The Saints- This Perfect Day

(Background Music- Sleazerama! 15 Tassle Twizzlin' Titty Shakers)