This week we've got the amazing director Lynn Shelton (HumpdayYour Sister's SisterLaggies) talking about the mostly ignored Michael Winterbottom film, Code 46. Lynn describes the film as the "one of the most romantic films" she's ever seen. April and her dissect the "light futurism" and lack of CGI used in the movie. They discuss the amazing work of Samantha Morton and how her face really carries the emotion of the film. Lynn also talks about her new film Outside In and working with Edie Falco and Jay Duplass. She describes how she went from being an indie filmmaker living in Seattle to working constantly as a TV director for such shows as Mad Men, Fresh Off the Boat, Love, and The New Girl.

If you haven't seen it yet, go watch Code 46.

Also check out Lynn's newest film Outside In which will be in NY/LA on March 30th and all digital platforms on April 3rd.

With April Wolfe and Lynn Shelton

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