Justin Roberts former WWE Ring Announcer turned AEW Ring Announcer has spent many years in the ring, and shares what it took to get there! He has a great stories about what inspired him to become a ring announcer, what he did to make WWE take notice and give him a chance, and how he landed at AEW. Justin talks about developing his style, the dos & don’ts of ring announcing, and how he handles special requests from talent. You’ll hear what Honky Tonk Man, Navajo Warrior, and the great Howard Finkel all did for Justin’s career during his early years, how his style changes for live TV versus house shows versus pay-per-views. He breaks down his intros for AEW stars like Jon Moxley, Orange Cassidy, Jay Lethal, Sting, and CM Punk, and describes what he did differently when doing intros for Stadium Stampede and Anarchy In The Arena. Plus, Justin speaks to his days at WWE including how he came up with his infamous John Cena introduction! 

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