Connie Burton is the older sister of the great Cliff Burton. Connie joins the show this week to discuss all things Cliff!! We go over his upbringing and when he was headbanging as a baby. Connie and I also discuss his time in Trauma, joining Metallica and his distain of fame and fortune. Connie lets us in on her thoughts about the circumstances that surrounded Cliff's passing and was it something bigger than just drawing an unlucky card? Connie was open and honest about her time with Cliff and was a great guest for the podcast. 

Since this is a special episode, I brought in a fellow bass player and Cliff enthusiast, Jake Massanari of Them Evils. Jake and I talk about our different ways in discovering Cliff and what he meant to us growing up . We debate the greatness of Metallica and even give Rob some love. Jake also let's us in on what's new with Them Evils. 

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