This is not an episode.  I mean...  It's kind of an episode.  But it's a short episode?  IT'S NOT AN EPISODE.  Look, the show has been on hiatus, and it's not back yet.  But it's ALMOST back.  And Anna and Dave wanted to let you know that it's almost back, and talk about what they're gonna do when the show IS back, so they recorded this little teaser episode.  They joke and laugh and talk about their upcoming 2015 California tour (8/27 to 9/7), their live show in SF (8/28), their live show in Humboldt (9/5), and their live show in good ollllllll' Los Angeles (9/7).  And weekly episodes of the podcast return to Nerdist on 9/16!  They can't wait.  They just can't wait.

For more info on the tour, click here