This episode comes to you live from Cynic Cave, in the basement of Lost Weekend Video, in the Mission district of San Francisco, California. It's about our favorite comedy venue in one of our favorite cities, and the lineup was filled with some of our favorite people. We talk about it in the show -- we literally did not have enough time to interview all the people in San Francisco we love. There are just too many. Our first guest was the RETURN of Petey Dammit! He's one of our favorites. And the following was Joey Devine, another one of our favorites, and then Natasha Muse, ANOTHER of our favorites, and finally Kaseem Bentley, damn near our favorite. He roasted Dave for hours it seemed. And Dave loved it. Each guest opened up in a different way about a different thing. It's one of our favorite episodes to date. (Maybe you can tell by how much we use the word "favorite".)

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