Anna and Dave give Terrified a proper send-off.  This is the last studio-recorded episode of the show, and the second to last ever (or at least for a long while).  The last episode will be recorded live, February 29th, 2016 at NerdMelt.  In this last discussion, Anna and Dave do a little bit of everything -- they joke around, they come up with catchphrases, they read listener emails, they do a call-in interview with their old friend Hasan Minhaj, they discuss their own battles with depression and anxiety, and they explain the end of the show.  They thank you, the listener, over and over again for being part of such a great thing.  Seriously.  Thank you.  This is a long one, because Anna and Dave just did not want to stop.  They love you.  We love you.  We'll see you February 29 at NerdMelt, and at the next thing, and the next.