Playlist N°14
Du 2 au 9 avril 2022

INTRO 00:00
NATE BURNHAM: Firebird 00:31
RHYAN SINCLAIR: Effie Jane 03:58
VOODOO MARS: Eenie Meenie Miny Mo 08:06
THE FORESTER SISTERS: You Can't Have a Good Time Without Me 11:21
DAWSON DRAKE & The Blue Collar Boys: You Know Who I Wrote It About 14:58
JAMES GARLAND: Be Your Fool 19:25
KIX GARCIA: Zero Wrath 23:29
KRISTI KALYN: Yes Ma'am 26:58
DEAN JACKSON: Trailer Park 29:59
RICHARD E. CARPENTER: Hillbilly With A Heartache 33:59
JASON MCCOY: I Feel A Sin Comin’ On 41:43
NED LEDOUX: This Ain't My First Rodeo 45:01
NED LEDOUX: Rodeo Dreams 47:30
BILLY ROBERTS & The Rough Riders: HillBilly’s 51:28
JARET RAY REDDICK: Songs About Texas 55:42
OUTRO : Campfire 59:18