Intro 00:00
Cameron James Smith: This Heart Belongs In Texas 00:32
Morgan Ashley: Warning Label 03:58
GoodnGone: Dirty Harmony 07:54
Chad Cooke Band: Honky Tonk Tonight 11:49
Elizabeth Hope: Today I started loving you again 15:14
Neil Cooper: Stranger Things 18 :50
Scotty Alexander: Nothing Good Happens After Midnight 22:41
Steve Earle.& The Dukes: Little Bird 26:17
Hayden Coffman: Better Off 30:11
Axel O and Sarah Hobbs: Have No Fear 33:32
Jordan Rainer: Damn Sandwich 37:13
Cristina Vane: How You Doin' 41:17
Autumn Brooke: Hey Cowboy 44:59
Dustin Herring: Same Devil Different Demon 50:07
Georgie Darr: Hillbilly Girl 53:35
Moe Bandy: Just Good Ol' Boys 56:21
Outro: Campfire 59:12