INTRO : KEVIN FOWLER : Mousturdonus 00:00
Cooper Hayes: Beer And Guitars 00:37
Maddie & Tae: Bathroom Floor 04:12
Grant Maloy Smith: My Best Blue Jeans. 06:44
Juliana MacDowell: I Like 10:06
Justin Cole: Those Memories 13:13
Lauren Alaina: If I Was A Beer 17:15
Tom Blizzard: Ain’t No Honky Tonkin’” 20:23
Midland: Drinkin' Problem (Acoustic) 22:45
Sarah Johnson: Red Bandana 26:19
Saskia Vese: If Your Dog Don't Like Him 30:40
Sean Hogan: Ain’t You Got Better Things To Do 33:48
Terry Smith: Texas Roots 37:57
The Neptunas: Billy The Kid's Water Pistol 41:05
Andy Martin & Georgette Jones: Somewhere in the Dark 44:12
Christa Fartek: Second Chance 47:54
Dustin Steen: Soul Shopping 51:43
Jim Bachmann: Sitting Down Under the Moon 55:49
JR Herrera Band: Tonight I Went To Church 60:48
Jeremy Parsons: Lillian 65:17
Randie O'Neil: Wilderness Man 68:14
Reckless Johnny Wales: America, You're Beautiful 71:37
Steve Anthony: Stop And Smell the Roses 78:51
Asleep At The Wheel: Friendship First 82:13
OUTRO : Campfire 86:13