Playlist N°14
Du 3 au 10 avril 2021

INTRO 00 :00
TROY CASSAR DALEY: Back On Country 00:20
LONDON BAILEIGH: Gotta Be Tough 05:07
TRAVIS SMITH & CINDY JO: Too Close To Home 08:18
JANET BODEWES: I Come Back to This Guitar 11:44
MASON LIVELY: Demons 15:04
MELISSA CARPER: My Old Chevy Van 18:27
ARTHUR STULIEN: Already Gone 25:45
JESSE RAUB JR: Things I Shouldn't Have 30:03
LISELOTTE VAN DOOREN: Everything 34:05
JIM BACHMANN: Good At A Bad Job 37:32
CASEY CHESNUTT: Even Texas Couldn't Hold Her 40:38
ADDISON JOHNSON: Cherokee Blues 44:56
SHAWN LEE STAMPS: The Cold Hard Truth 48:38
THE JAKE ASH BAND: Five Star Dive Bar 51:02
THE GOLDEN ROSES: When I’m Gone 54:59
OUTRO : Campfire 59:08