Catch up with or listen again to That Indie Thing broadcast 17 February 2020 on Mad Wasp Radio.

On this show you can hear:
Suns of Rest – Goes Around
Static in Verona – Blinking Midnight
Shapeless Void – Backwards
Cherry Parke – All Around the Moon
Dream Phases – Promise Of Promise
Summer of George – Honeycomb
Th Da Freak – Fear
Dead Seagals – Barnacles
April Sun – Planet Explorer
Cool Whips – My Bubble
Captain Suun – Melted Sea
Spirit City – Run
Salarymen – Please
Echo Ladies – Bedroom
Shapeless Void – Black Candles
Cherry Parke – Captain Bullseye
Dream Phases – Bird Of Prey
Summer of George – Cheerleader Blues
Year of the Tiger – Outta Your Head
Capricorn One – Hey Garcon
Extraordinaires- Honeycomb Park
Rosa Maria – Here She Comes
Jack Cades – Candid
Sunfruits – Above The Clouds
Wild Child Charlie – Sunshine
Cosmic Flanders – Harry
Dogtooth – Cut
Shapeless Void – Borneo
Peel Dream Magazine – Pill
Misty Lanes – Charmer
Nax – Celebrar Aniversarios
Juniper Bush – Slowly