Catch up with or listen again to That Indie Thing broadcast on Mad Wasp Radio week commencing 29 June 2020. On this show you can hear:
Affectionate Punch – Will We Ever Know
High Low – Slackers
Cosmic Letdown – Tsunami
Mariya May – Up and Down My Spine
R McClure & Tall Shadows – Sweet Thing!
Travel Check – Death Of Chill
Modern City Limits – Future Is Past
Sunbeam Sound Machine – Worry Wart
Mother Tongues – Let You Down
My Expansive Awareness – Liar Liar
Night Shop – Hello Take Me Anywhere
R.E. Seraphin – Today Will Be Kind
TJ Roberts – Sinceridipity
Scenius – Darkest Lines
Sweaty Palms – Captain Of The Rugby Team
Cosmic Letdown – Your Trail
Mariya May – Why When Love is Gone
R McClure & Tall Shadows – Never Love Me Again
Travel Check – Hate The Night
Mass Datura – Sutra Swoon Sutra
IronTom – Call Me The West
Teens – Another Day
Lions Tigers and Bears – Holiday
Dead Parties – Black Moon
Hyla – Deserve
Inebriate Asylum – Be Careful What You Wish For
Attawalpa – Done Hanging On
Static in Verona – The Sparrow
Gum Country – Talking To My Plants
Plants & Animals – Sacrifice
Animal Scream – Station To Station
Relay Tapes – Planetarium