Catch up with or listen again to That Indie Thing broadcast on Mad Wasp Radio week commencing 3 August 2020. On this show you can hear:

Vast Asteroid – Champagne Ambassadors
Derevolutions – One, Two, Three, Go!
Aerial Love Feed – All Clear
Jefferitti’s Nile – Beyond Me
Plastics – Magic Girl
Crying Vessel – The Abyss
Errorr – Smash Hit
Scenic Route To Alaska – Closer
Bee Bee Sea – Gonna Get Me
True Primitives – April Come She Will
Transistor – Nothing New
Lightning Dust – Material Life
Cosmic Eyes & the Colliders – Cornflakes and Headaches
Fontanarosa – Out Of Mind
We Are Wood – Interstate 25
Aerial Love Feed – Angelika
Jefferitti’s Nile – Let Love Inn
Plastics – Carry on to the Sun
Vintage Crop – The North
Carambolage – Weekend Nostalgie
Avions – Lean On Me (Demo)
Sea at Midnight – We Share The Same Stars
Yard Act – Fixer Upper
Dehd – Flying
Jude Shuma – People Don’t Change
Aux Portes – Phobophobia
Never Never Man – Big Guy
Blondfire – Marigold
Aerial Love Feed – My clock is always five minutes weirder
Kurt Hagardorn – Tractor Beam
Fritz – Arrow
Silver Rose – Alas
Death Valley Girls – The Universe