Catch up with or listen again to That Indie Thing with Rob broadcast on Mad Wasp Radio week commencing 4 May 2020.

On this show you can hear:
Phosphene – Spiral
Baby Jesus – Do Worry
Aux Portes – Mountain, Pt. 1
Melenas – 3 Segundos
Resonars – I Wonder
Cockatoo – Flicker
Tijuana Panthers – Current Outfit
Mary’s Restless Dream – Show me the way
Kumari – She Was Mine
Leg Puppy – Secret Friend feat Josefin Öhrn
Brain Zero – Blackwood
Inebriate Asylum – Head In The Sand
Chew – Ti and Do
Blue Canopy – Keys to the Garden
Valkarys – Turn To Dust
Aux Portes – Mountain, Pt. 2
Melenas – Primer Tiempo
Resonars – You’ve Never Been Down Before
Filibuster – Sticky Wicket
Boat – Loneliness Kills
Jason Simon – Red Dust
Shybits – Bruce Lee
Static in Verona -Endless Holiday
Suffer Fools – I’m a cliche blues
Honey Lung – Nothing
Carmanah – Best Interests
Charles William – Happiness
Jenny O. – God Knows Why
Aux Portes – Mountain, Pt. 3
Asteroid No.4 – Northern Song
Dying Shames – The Bitch
Lovetones – Modern Life is Killing Me
Know – Someday Maybe