Catch up with or listen again to That Indie Thing broadcast 13-16 October on Mad Wasp Radio, Sin Radio, Defiant Radio and WMR.

On this show you can hear:

Cornershop – Brimful Of Asha (Florence Ballard Mix)

Tremolove – Das ist Garaj

Gentrificators – CCTV

Late Bloomers – All I Know

Worthless – Ripps

Black Mekon – Piece Of Strange

Social Contract – Six Pips

Plastic Macca – Passin’ It On (Twistin’ It Off)

Requin Chagrin – Alysson

Wet Socks – Nights Apart

Young Sinclairs – Same Old Now

Jaded Juice Riders – Mr. Psycho

Shopping – The Hype

Flamin’ Groovies – She Loves Me

Darts (US) – The Cat’s Meow

Gingerlys – Turtledoves

Spids Nøgenhat -Mere Lys

New Candys – Bleeding Magenta

Black Lung – Face

Types – Apparition

Plastic Birds – On My Mind

Dig – People Take Pictures of Each Other

Glass Arcades – Nothingism

Twirrl – Don’t Cry

Wild Meadows – Feel The Noise

Bee Bee Sea – D.I. Why Why Why

Food Court – I’ve Been Wrong

Jennifer – Great Job

Archdukes – Time Stands Still

Scott Yoder – Ways Of Love

Baywaves – Down 4 U

Holocaust Nancy – In Gloaming (demo)

Mean Motor Scooter – Sea Serpent

Frankie Rose – A Forest