Catch up with or listen again to the That Indie Thing best of the year show broadcast 29-31st December 2017 on Mad Wasp Radio, Sin Radio, Defiant Radio and WMR.

On this show you can hear:
Slowdive – Star Roving
Brunch Club – Where’d You Go
Color Tongue – Sprouts
Domiciles – Waste of You
Diamond Center – Gold Driver
Los Shadows -Seaside
Requin Chagrin – Alysson
Birds – Get Away
Candids – Modern Life
Angel Kaplan – Broken Toys
Rattler Proxy – Mr. Sham
Desert Beats – We Can’t Forget
Violet Swells – Infinity In Your Eyes
Try Umphs – Let Me Be Your Man
Omdada Gee – Там
Butterscotch Cathedral – Flood Of Mendoza (Edit)
Actors – How Deep is the Hole
Stufft Crust – Italian Jeans
Worn Tin – Sensitivity
Violet Swells – There’s No Time Like Eternity
Domiciles – Hate The Sinner
Femme Accident – All Means Nothing
Exmagician – Wild Eyes
Zephyr Bones – Black Lips
Burnt Ones – Bury Me In Smoke
Al Lover Meets Cairo Liberation Front – Level 1
Butterscotch Hawaiian – Cosmic Dust
Keep Razors Sharp – By The Sea
New Candys – Excess
Splashh – Rings
Los Shadows – Sleeping Outside
Chemtrails – Burnt Shadows
Stay – I’m Away