Broadway Broadcasters - "Tentin' Down in Tennessee"

Frank Wilson - "Goo Goo Eyes"

Harry Lauder - "Saftest of the Family"

Helen Clark and Walter Van Brunt - "I'll Get You"

Fred Duprez - "Vaudeville Rehearsal"

Empire Vaudeville Co. - "The Old Clarinet"

Billy Murray and Ada Jones - "Nesting Time in Flatbush"

Margaret Young - "Whoa, Tillie, Take Your Time"

James Lent - "The Ragtime Drummer"

Vess L. Ossman - "Yankee Land"

Six Brown Brothers - "Bull Frog Blues"

George Reneau - "Susie Ann"

Ernest Stoneman - "When The Work's All Done This Fall"

Ernest Thompson - "Little Brown Jug"

Victor Military Band - "Goodbye Everybody"