Club Royal Orchestra - "Dapper Dan"

Arthur Fields - "Hallelujah I'm a Bum"

"Hobo" Jack Turner - "Big Rock Candy Mountains" [Ernest Hare]

Cal Stewart - "Uncle Josh's Huskin' Bee"

Harry Smith - "Yascha Michaeloffskys Melody"

Wendell Hall - "Old Plantation Melody"

Margaret McKee - "Sous les Ponts de Paris"

Nora Watson and J. F. Harrison - "In the Candle Light"

Gladys Woods - "I'm Disappointed In You"

William Robyn - "Who'll Dry Your Tears When You Cry?"

Walter Van Brunt - "It's Hard To Kiss Your Sweetheart When The Last Kiss Means Goodbye"

Charles Harrison - "Columbia, The Gem of the Ocean"

Sam Lanin and his Troubadours - "C - O - N - S - T - A - N - T - I - N - O - P - L - E"

Ted Lewis and His Band - "Send Back My Honeyman"