Band - "The Horse Trot"

Duet - "On The 5:15"

Tenor - "My Little Girl"

Orchestra - "The Steeple Chase"

Quartette - "When The Angelus is Ringing"

Baritone - "Along Came Ruth"

Quartette - "He's A Rag Picker"

Duet - "The Minstrel Parade"

Band - "The Boston Stop"

Minstrels - "Push Dem Clouds Away / Goodbye Manhattan Isle"

Frank C. Stanley - "Honey Boy"

Billy Murray - "Not Because Your Hair Is Curly"

Miss Mina Hickman - "Under The Bamboo Tree"

Samuel Ash - "My Castle in the Air"

Jack Warner - "The Blush Rose"

Henry Burr - "Give Me The Moon-Light, Give Me The Girl (and Leave The Rest To Me)"

Miss Sally Stembler - "Laughing Song"