Living away from the United Kingdom means, for me, that I rarely catch up on anything really British unless I either return for brief breaks to visit family, or, get together with the few Brit expats who live here in BiH.

I don't mind living away from the UK. Trust me!

Recently I was invited to attend an evening of music by the joint bands of the Defence Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina (OS BIH) and the Royal Air Force Regiment (RAF Regt).

The concert was held in the Banski Dvor, one of the impressive buildings in the centre of Banja Luka.

The acoustics inside are extremely good and complimented the repertoire for the evening.

I managed to catch up with the UK Defence Attaché, Lt Col Paul Marshall, who explained how the UK are helping the OS BiH with their professionalisation efforts.

This concert was, in a small way, part of that.

The concert was extremely entertaining with a great variety of pieces, the musicians from both bands performed outstandingly and the audience reactions said it all when the concert ended.

An encore was demanded.

All in all a great evening!