This past Friday, I recorded a short interview, with Elizabeth O’Neill, an Australian lady, who with her husband Gerard, are currently visiting the Western Balkans.

She told me that they “Work Away”. They get themselves to their chosen destination country, and then work for a maximum of 20 hours a week in return for accommodation and food.

I was intrigued as to how they found where work was offered, and what they might be required to do. After all Elizabeth and her husband were “early retirees”, (her words), so heavy manual labouring might be a bit too much?

They use a website, Work Away, where they can find opportunities that might suit them, and where their questions are answered.

From listening to Elizabeth, it made me think that this form of travelling fitted under the banner of “Slow Tourism”, as they were immersing themselves into the culture and environment wherever they stayed, experiencing things they would otherwise not have the opportunity to.

To find out more about how Elizabeth experiences both “work” and “play” on her travels with her husband, check out her blog posts from Corfu and Croatia HERE.

After the interview I thought of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), and if there were any “work aways” on offer.

I checked the Work Away site and was very pleasantly surprised to see there are.

You can check the BiH opportunities HERE.

Although, personally I wouldn’t want to “Work Away”, I would be really interested about your thoughts.

Have you, would you, consider “Working Away” as a way of seeing other places, experiencing other cultures?

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