Welcome back, my friends! Time for another show! As I do themed shows like my last "Trick or Treat" show, new CDs get backlogged a little! So, it's time to blast you with lots of brand new blues!
Intro Song Magnus Berg, “San-Ho-Zay”, Cut Me Loose, Magnus Berg Music, Erik Boyd produced                First Set Bobby “Hurricane” Spencer, “Call Your Dogs Off”, Unleashed, R Music, Blind Raccoon                          Altered Five Blues Band, “Stay Outta My Business'”, Cryin’ Mercy, OmniVibe Records, Tom Hambridge  produced               Mississippi Heat, “Swingy Dingy Baby”, Warning Shot, Delmark Records  
Second Set         Gary Clark, Jr, “Three O’Clock Blues”, Live, Warner Brothers Records Label                Red Dirt Revelators, “Change”, The Rub, Thanks to Willie Shane Johnston Georgie Bonds, “The Blacksmith”, Stepping Into TIme, 8th Train Records     Third Set  - WIB Set                Missy Andersen, “Whole Lotta Nothin’”, Self Titled, Main Squeeze Records Great CD with help from Bill Stuve, Nathan James, James Harman, and lots of others! Hurricane Ruth, “Cold Day in Hell”, Born on the River, Blind Raccoon                         Low Society (Mandy Lemons), “Voodoo Woman”, You Can’t Keep A Good Woman Down,  Icehouse Records
Fourth Set                    Sauce Boss, “Chicago Combat Zone”, 100% Pure, Frank Roszak Promotions Howard Glazer, “Walking in Detroit”, Looking In The Mirror, City Hall Records, Roszak Promotions Jimmy Thackery, “You Upset Me Baby”, Extra Jimmies, Blind Pig Records
Please keep in touch! E-mail me at dave@bluzndablood.com! The easist way to get the show is to go to iTunes and Subscribe for free! The web site will be updated with hyperlinks to go out and buy this music! Check out bluzndablood.com
Keep the blues in the blood,